Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Perfect Homecoming

We figured we drove about 7,000 miles these past two and a half weeks.  I can conclude that I will return to LA & San Fran as soon as I can.  I have a couple fists full of film canisters that are ready to be sent out for processing and a pile of laundry that cannot be ignored.  My week is going to include fresh yogurt, all the fruit and vegetable I can eat, a pile of mail, and looking into some amtrak tickets to NYC for October.

As further proof that Johann has my back while I'm gone, I was immediately welcomed by  a salvaged pile of dumpstered photographs, zines, books, slides (+ slide viewer), and a 1971 yearbook that he found in the alley not half a block away.  Barely having put down my backpack, I sat in the living room peeling apart photo after photo, all in labeled envelopes.  Here are some of my favorites.

The final couple photos came in an envelope that reading Dylan, Oct 31 1978, such a surprise treat to see Bob Dylan in such a fabulous jumpsuit.  One more, a photo taken with my phone of the yearbook cover,

What a treat.  Keep those eyes peeled and snoop often.