Monday, April 9, 2012

Behavior Modification

It is going to be a busy week.  With all the work there is to do, there is at least a killer Saturday to look forward too.  I got a invite this past week and gave a little squeal when I read the description for the IFP's upcoming showBehavior Modification The Bee Books by Jeff Millikan and Habitat by Areca Roe.  Here is the an image by Jeff Millikan used on the postcard:

I have gone to see Jeff's past shows as I hear about them over the years and saw one featuring similar work at the Center for Book Arts.  The show featured books that Jeff had manipulated and then handed over to his swarm of busy bees.  The result are these fragile, beautiful, luminous objects that are so eerily beautiful.  I am sure the IFP will feature his photographs of these objects, which are stunning.  

As I have always worked more with film and with older equipment and supplies, lately I have been favoring the thought that what I have been making are collaborative images between myself and a medium that is becoming null.  Image making as I have experienced it is most powerful when the inspiration comes from a feeling and becomes a thought, a vague plan that is captured and then presented to you, sometimes weeks later.  Jeff Millikan encouraged my images as my instructor for 4 years and has continued to be my mentor for another 4 as I have TA'd his introductory classes and assisted in the darkroom.  He has held his ground completely  in the field of analogue photography.  He was the person who introduced me to most of my favorite photographers and who continues to teach analogue photography to new students.  This is something I respect greatly.  

As a senior at college, one of my favorite classes with Jeff was one where he used the hour to show slides of his work.  I felt lucky to be given a retrospect of his work and was totally awe-struck.  Any opportunity to see what this man has been working on is one that should be taken.  

And so, I am excited to see his latest work beside that of Areca Roe and I would encourage anyone who is able to make this opening SATURDAY, April 14 5:30 – 8:30 PM.