Saturday, March 10, 2012

To the ladies, doing things

I am a little late for International Women's Day so I am going to play the "everyday is women's day!" card.  Doing this website/blog, I have come to project myself to be potentially insightful, lightly dark, and oddly serious.  I really hate to splash egg on the face of this enticing (right?) facade, but every once in a while I have the urge to talk about things that are not necessarily photo related.  Maybe I am scared of toeing the gelatinous line between art blog/life blog.  Anyhow, none of this really matters.  All I am saying is that sometimes I feel so inspired by things/people other than myself, I can't help but stop and say "that is just so.... blogable"

If I was going to be really honest with you about my life, I would be posting low res photos of Tea Kettles I Will Never Buy Off Ebay

Instead, I will show you my Friends Who I Want To Be Like Because They Are Great For Many Reasons post.

Opening my window this morning I was hit in the face with what could only be the infant fist of Spring time.  It made me think of all the things I have missed indoors this winter- sandy feet, wanting to drink cold beverages, biking in shorts, feeling wind on all the parts of my body that have become neon white in their hibernation.  I could rave on but the point of this paragraph as I began it was to come around to what is really important and related to the title of this post, my favorite sisters Whittney and Lauren of Witt & Lore

If you haven't heard of Witt & Lore, I suggest you follow the link to their blog and the blog to their etsy and the etsy straight to the goods.  The goods being an array of colorful beaded earrings and necklaces that have been carefully assembled by Lauren who resides in Minneapolis and by Whittney would has taken her craft on a fantastic voyage to Mexico and California.  Here are two ladies who continue to inspire me with their dedication and incredible sensibilities in jewelry making, art, fashion, and (may as well mention because they both rock at it) cooking.

Here is the part where my all this rambling materializes.  These two photos from this past summer that seem so close I can almost smell the grass, grasp the perspirating beer bottle, feel the bubbles popping near the back of my neck...



 Whittney, who is too far away to do ANYTHING about THIS photo